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You Need to Know These Things About Hearing Loss

20 October 2020

Did you know that nearly 400 million people around the world experience some form of hearing deficiency? Nowadays, there’s no need to be ashamed or embarrassed about hearing loss. We are surrounded by devices that are capable of playing audio and those that weren’t born with a hearing deficiency are constantly at risk of developing one.

Here are 7 things about hearing deficiencies that you need to know.

  1. Only a fifth of people that would benefit from wearing a hearing aid actually wear one. This is truly a remarkable statistic, and it’s one of the reasons we decided to come to the United States. We want our product to assist every person that needs it.
  2. Hearing loss increases the risk of dementia. A study conducted by Johns Hopkin University found this to be true. 
  3. Over 25 million are exposed to noise levels that could compromise their hearing abilities every day.
  4. Individuals with hearing loss wait on average more than 6 years before addressing the issue.
  5. Over 30 million people affected by hearing loss are under the age of 15. Parents, take note. Hearing loss is not exclusive to older demographics.
  6. ⅓ of people over the age of 65 experience hearing loss. This includes more than 160 million people around the globe.
  7. 12 percent of the U.S. population, 38 million people, experience hearing loss. 

You don’t have to let hearing loss change your life. Our hearing aids provide our clients with the same happy life they experienced before they experienced hearing loss. Learn more about us here.

Our success in The Netherlands was very encouraging. This made us consider providing hearing solutions in other countries. We can do so much to help people in the USA with hearing loss and we are disappointed by how often it is ignored. 

We urge everyone with the need for a hearing aid to getting in touch with us. There is nothing we enjoy more than seeing the smile on the client’s faces with their hearing is restored to exciting levels. If this information has been helpful to you, check out our other blogs.

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