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About Us

Our number one goal is improving your hearing and connecting you to the sounds of life.
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What ecoutez means

The word “écoutez” (eh-coo-tay) means “listen” in French. “Listen” is an important word for us. We listen to our customers and empower you to listen to the sounds that matter most in your life.

Hearing loss happens to most everyone and it can have a serious impact on a person’s life. It can cause physical and emotional pain. It can also cripple friendships, careers, and marriages. Yet, as a culture, we don’t often educate people to treat hearing as important as vision or dental health. That’s probably why most people wait for 7-10 years after they experience hearing loss to see a professional. Our goal is to change that.

We work with our clients to turn hearing impairment into hearing empowerment. The Écoutez staff is friendly and professional and our testing equipment is state-of-the-art. We curate our selection of hearing aids with comfort, technology, and style in mind.

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Two Sisters, One Story

When we say we want our customers to feel like family, we mean it. After all, Écoutez is a family company, created by sisters Ilse and Lisette Kolenbrander.

In the Netherlands, the sisters worked in the hearing aid technology business for over 20 years. Their joint passion for hearing led to the creation of Écoutez.

Ilse and Lisette noticed that most hearing aid providers were cold and clinical. They also noticed these offices featured plenty of inferior hearing aid products. They immediately set out to do the opposite. At Ecoutez, you will find an atmosphere that is more like a luxury retail store and less like a doctor’s office. And you will find products that are as graceful and stylish.

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Connecting you to the sounds of life.

Écoutez provides hearing solutions for the best customers in a family environment with an authentic voice, helping you feel a sense of belonging and connection.
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The Ecoutez Way

We offer an authentic experience that improves your life now and for years to come.
Sound has so much to do with how we experience the world and our goal is to give sound back to you.
We are a community where you belong no matter where you are in your hearing empowerment journey.
We are always honest and we will always let you know the best options for your hearing solution.
We build relationships with our customers and we’re always excited to know more about your lives.
We empower you to live a fuller; more enjoyable, healthy, and stress-free, life with improved hearing.