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We think it’s important to be fully transparent with our patients so that you know exactly
what you need and how we can best provide for you.

I have mild hearing loss, do I need hearing aids as soon as possible or can I wait?

If you’re experiencing hearing loss, it’s important to start wearing a hearing aid as soon as possible. Hearing and understanding what you hear are two different things. We want you to be able to understand what you hear. This happens by wearing hearing aids as early as possible.

Can I come in to get my hearing tested if I am not interested in pursuing hearing aids?

Absolutely, we are happy to perform hearing evaluations regardless of the reason you are coming in.

Can I get ear wax removed at Ecoutez? If so, how is it removed?

Cerumen removal is performed in the clinic and typically used with a lighted curette tool.

What certifications are required of an Audiologist?

You must hold a doctoral degree from an accredited college or university with a major in audiology or a related hearing science discipline to apply for an audiology state license.

Is there anything that can be done to reduce my tinnitus?

We offer in house tinnitus assessment testing to rule out secondary causes of an individuals ringing/buzzing. Tinnitus can occur due to various causes, making it very complex to treat. The impact tinnitus has on ones life varies for each induvial experiencing it therefor treatment is very individualized. Fortunately, there are ways to help alleviate bothersome tinnitus which can be addressed with our Audiologist after a tinnitus assessment is performed.

Do I need one or two hearing aids?

Our brains use signals provided by both ears to help understand our surroundings. This is especially important when hearing in background noise or with a group of people. A hearing evaluation will help determine the best possible outcome with hearing aids for your unique needs.

How to clean hearing aids?

The most import step in cleaning hearing aids is changing the wax filter. You may also brush the ports with the brush provided at your hearing aid fitting or simply use a spare toothbrush. Another tip is to wipe the hearing aid and dome with a microfiber cloth.

When I am home alone do I need to wear my hearing aids?

Yes. To get the best results from your hearing aid it is important to wear them the entire day, even in quiet environments. If you are comfortable wearing them when it’s quiet, it is much easier when things get noisy.

What are the best hearing aids?

There is a huge variety in hearing aids. Especially the adaptability of the hearing aid in noisy surroundings. The faster and smarter the hearing aid, the better you will hear and more you will be able to understand. At Écoutez, we offer only the hearing aids that meet our high standard of function and form.

How much do hearing aids cost at Ecoutez? Are the prices similar to other Audiology clinics?

The price for a hearing aid + services starts at $950.00 and increases from there depending on the technology level. Insurance coverage differs depending on the type and plan but can help reduce cost. Our prices are very similar to other clinics and lean on the side on less in comparison to national averages. The cost of our hearing aids included the follow up appointments for the lifetime of the hearing aid.

Is it possible to listen to music with my hearing aids?

Does Willie Nelson play the guitar? Of course you can listen to music! Using your hearing aid to listen to music will provide a superior sound quality.

Can I purchase custom hearing protection or music attenuation ear plugs at Ecoutez?

Custom ear pieces require ear mold impressions. Our Audiologist will take impressions of each ear and provide specific recommendations regarding type and appropriate attenuation levels. There are different options regarding purchases which depends on what custom piece is needed. We work with several manufactures and can place customer orders if needed.

Are hearing aids outdated? Can I get surgery instead?

Like most technology, hearing aids are becoming more powerful and more efficient. We offer only the most stylish and innovative hearing aids at Écoutez. Also, with many types of hearing loss it is not possible to get a surgery. This is why hearing aids offer the best solution.

How to pair hearing aids to phone?

Hearing aids now have Bluetooth capabilities for your smart phone! This means you are able to connect your devices and listen to music or take a phone call. To connect your hearing aids to an iPhone simply go to Bluetooth or hearing devices in Accessibility, turn your devices off then on again, and select your hearing aid when it pops up.

Can a hearing aid be invisible?

Hearing aids have become quite discrete. Your family may notice your improved hearing before they notice your hearing aids.

Are hearing aids covered by insurance?

The easiest answer is maybe. If you are unsure if your health insurance plan includes hearing aid coverage, we would be happy to provide an estimate of your plan’s coverage.