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Will my insurance cover the cost of my hearing aids? 

10 October 2022

When you have identified a hearing loss and are ready to purchase hearing aids you may be thinking to yourself, will my health insurance cover the cost of my hearing aids? Generally speaking, hearing aids are not covered by insurance. However, there are plans that will cover a portion of the cost. Knowing if your health insurance plan has coverage for hearing aids, and the amount of coverage, can be tricky. At Ecoutez Hearing Aid Boutique we have a team of billing professionals who will complete a hearing aid coverage quote from your health insurance plan so there is no need to stress about contacting the company on your own.  

Does Medicare have hearing aid coverage? 

No. Medicare will not cover the cost of hearing aids. If you have a supplemental plan to your Medicare coverage it is likely they will follow Medicare’s guidelines and not provide coverage for hearing aids. Some people will have multiple health insurance plans, or a primary and secondary. In that case, there are plans that will cover a portion of the hearing aid cost even if you have Medicare as your secondary. If you are unsure if your Medicare supplemental plan has hearing aid coverage our team at Ecoutez will be happy to verify any hearing aid benefits with you at the time of your hearing test.  

I have hearing aid coverage, but I am not sure which Audiologist is in my network? 

There are two simple ways to verify if your Audiologist is in network with your health insurance plan. Most health insurances plans will have a “Find a doctor” portal on their website. If you use this tool, you will be able to locate an Audiologist that is in network with your specific plan. Don’t like messing with computers or are unable to find this tool on your insurance website? Just call! We will be happy to answer your questions about specific health insurance plan coverage. 

What insurance companies are you in network with? 

If your doctor is in network with your insurance company, it means they have a predetermined contract established to see their customers at a negotiated rate. The health insurance companies that we are in network with are listed below: 

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas 
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Federal  
  • United Healthcare Hearing 
  • Tru Hearing 
  • Amplifon  
  • Nations Hearing 
  • Medicare  

What insurance companies are you out of network for? 

Some health insurance policies will allow you to see out of network providers. If your plan allows for this feature, we are certified with the following companies: 

  • United Health Care  
  • Humana  
  • Aetna  
  • Cigna 
  • Baylor Scott & White 

How do I know how much of the hearing aid purchase I will be responsible for? 

At Ecoutez we pride ourselves in transparency with our patients. At your hearing aid consultation appointment our Audiologist will go over the cost of our devices as well as any coverage you may have through your health insurance. There are other ways to help with the cost of hearing aids, such as Care Credit.  

How do I utilize my hearing aid benefit?  

Once we have established that you have a hearing aid benefit, our team of billing specialist will take care of the insurance claim. All you have to do is attend your hearing aid fitting appointment and start enjoying the benefits of your new hearing aids.