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The Story of Écoutez

10 July 2020
“Connecting you to the sounds of life.”

We’re excited to open our first store soon in the USA in Southlake, Texas. We can’t wait to meet you! Until then, we hope you’ll enjoy reading about why we’re headed from The Netherlands to the Lone Star State.

Our Origin

Écoutez is a Dutch family company created by sisters Ilse and Lisette Kolenbrander. The Kolenbrander sisters share over 20 years experience in the hearing technology business.

Ilse and Lisette noticed early on that most hearing aid offices are cold and clinical. The typical experience felt very sterile and impersonal. They also noticed these offices often featured inferior hearing aid products.

Ilse and Lisette knew something had to change. They soon committed to providing a superior experience for people with hearing loss. This led them to create Écoutez Hearing Aid Boutique.

At Écoutez, you will find an atmosphere that is more like a luxury retail store and less like a doctor’s office. And you will find products that are graceful and stylish.

Our Name

“Écoutez” means “listen” in French. Here in Texas it’s pronounced “eh-coo-tay”. “Listen” is an important word for our company. We listen to our customers when they tell us about their hearing loss. And we empower them to listen to the sounds of life. There’s nothing more fulfilling for our team than helping our customers hear again.

We help our customers hear by listening to who they are and what they experience. Every customer has a different story. You even have different goals for improving your hearing. Some of our customers want to improve their marriages. Others want to go to work and not fear missing out on important conversations. And still others want to enjoy concerts and sports events.

Our Logo

A lot of times, we’ll ask customers what they miss about hearing. Many of them say the first thing they miss hearing is the sound of birds chirping. That’s why we’ve chosen a bird to represent the brand. We love when our customers call us to let us know they can hear birds again.

No matter if you’re in The Netherlands or in the Lone Star State, we can all celebrate the experience of sound. 

Coming to the USA

Our success in The Netherlands was very encouraging. This made us consider providing hearing solutions in other countries. We can do so much to help people in the USA with hearing loss, because it is often ignored. The average person waits 7-10 years to seek professional help with their hearing loss. We want to change that. Starting with Texas!

Ilse and Lisette are ecstatic to bring our unique retail approach to the USA. At our Southlake, Texas store, you’ll find out that an Écoutez hearing solution is something brand new. You’ve never experienced anything like the Écoutez Hearing Lab!

The Hearing Lab

In our Hearing Lab, we use the latest technology to provide you with a FREE hearing test. Then, we sample the world’s finest hearing aids to see what is the best fit for you. We also show your partner how you hear the world now, and how your hearing will improve with the right hearing aid.

But our favorite thing that sets us apart is that our relationship will not end when you leave the store.

The Écoutez team of audiologists and consultants will continue to guide you for years. We’re here for calibrations, to answer questions, and to listen and chat. In fact, in The Netherlands, many of our customers stop by to visit on a regular basis for a fun chat over coffee or tea.

You’re Invited!

You’re invited to our Grand Opening Weekend. We’ll be throwing a special “Heareasy” party (our version of a speakeasy 🍸) and a weekend of fun events. Sign up for the event below, which includes a free hearing test!

See You Soon!