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Stop in and test your hearing for free.
We Help You Hear

On average, people wait 7 to 10 years to address hearing loss, mostly out of shame. That is a very long time, especially when you realize what a good hearing care professional can do for your quality of life and well-being.

Hearing loss contributes to exhaustion, high blood pressure, headaches. It has also been linked to dementia. Not to mention the stress hearing loss places on personal and professional relationships.

Come to our Hearing Lab and together we will help you fight these symptoms with the latest technology and practices.

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What we provide at our Hearing Lab

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Test Your Hearing for Free
Our solutions begin with a comprehensive hearing test in one of our signature sound booths.
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Try the Best Hearing Aids
Our hearing lab lets you listen to how your world will improve with our hearing aids. Try them out at your leisure and experience the joy of sound.
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Share Your Experience
The lab also allows your loved one to experience how you perceive sound now and how it will be improved.
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Enjoy Technology
We will show you how to integrate things like your iPhone and Smart TV into your hearing aid.
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Hear Your Way
Our team will fit you for your hearing aid and we will calibrate to your specific needs and preferences.
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Make Yourself at Home
We want you to feel comfortable stopping by for coffee and visiting. Our customers are our friends and we truly enjoy seeing you.