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How do I know I need Hearing Aids?

08 October 2021

Its typical that someone may not realize they have a hearing loss when they aren’t sure what signs to look for. While it can be very obvious that a hearing loss is present, sometimes it is easy to overlook the signs of hearing loss. This is mostly due to the fact that hearing loss is generally a gradual occurrence, happening over a long span of time. 

Here are 5 common signs that you might need hearing aids:

  1. You have trouble focusing on a conversation when multiple people are talking at the same time.

While some people may equate this to an inability to focus, ADHD, or other diagnosis, having difficulty following a conversation while multiple people are talking is a common sign that you may have trouble hearing.

While you may be able to “hear” what the person is saying, not being able to understand what they are saying while other noise is present is one of the earliest indicators of hearing loss. 

If you are unsure if you are experiencing this issue, pay attention next time you are at the dinner table. Be aware of how often you have to ask someone to repeat something they’ve said, or be more conscious of how often you are having trouble understanding. 

  1. You can’t hear someone when you can’t see their face. You can’t hear someone when you can’t see their lips. 

This is a tricky one for most people! Some think that it is normal to not be able to understand someone when they look another direction during a conversation but this is not the case. There shouldn’t be a big change in your ability to understand someone just because they are not facing you, as long as they are in an optimal range for hearing.

There are a lot of reasons why you may not be able to see someone’s face or lips during a conversation. If you cannot understand others when they are not looking directly at you, then it is a good sign that your sense of sight may be compensating for a hearing issue. 

  1. You feel exhausted, frustrated, irritable or completely withdrawn

Hearing loss can lead you to feel all of these emotions. The brain is working overtime to make up for a hearing loss and can lead to fatigue after a day or even just a few hours of having to actively listen and communicate. You may not even be aware that this additional strain on your brain is happening. 

For example, if you spend your day asking for repetition, straining to hear, not being able to have quality conversations, and losing focus, you may have hearing loss that needs to be addressed.  

Starting to feel withdrawn from friends and family or from your responsibilities is also a possible side effect, which is why we say good hearing connects you to others and is important for cognitive health. 

  1. You aren’t able to enjoy music.  You don’t enjoy music like you used to or you have difficulty talking on the phone

This may be surprising to some but an early sign of hearing loss is not being able to enjoy music like you once did. This can cause irritation. Difficulty having phone conversations is also a big indicator that hearing loss may be present. This can also cause people to feel withdrawn.

Hearing loss doesn’t always look obvious. Make sure you are aware of the small signs of possible impaired hearing to prevent long term effects.

Schedule a hearing test with us to learn about the side effects of hearing loss.