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Hearing Aids Facts and Myths

15 September 2021

Fact or Myth?

I am sure you have heard them all, the great myths in regard to hearing instruments today. As a society, we seem to have certain ideas embedded in our minds about what hearing aids are. The truth is, as children we may have had older family members who wore hearing aids and that image, from 25 years ago is still what we think of when someone mentions the word hearing loss or hearing aid. Well, I am here to tell you that a lot has changed! Let’s take a look at some of the myths regarding hearing loss and hearing instruments today.

  1. My hearing is not that bad

On average, hearing aid users wait 10 years before seeking help for their hearing loss. 10 years is a long time to go without appropriate stimulation to the auditory system and the brain. Over this time, communication with friends and loved ones becomes more difficult, increasing chances for isolation and health risks. Just know that any hearing loss is important to address so if you feel that you may be having a difficult time hearing or understanding those around  you, its never too early to have a hearing test.

  • I don’t like the way hearing aids look

This is a big one! And let’s face it, it is great to take pride in your appearance. But what is even better is caring about your health and well being while maintaining your standards of appearance. The days of big beige whistling hearing aids are over! Hearing instruments today are inconspicuous and unobtrusive. Most hearing aid wearers find them to be comfortable, and not very noticeable. Sometimes, I will ask a client what their spouse or children think of their hearing instruments, and they respond that they didn’t even see that they had them on.

  • Hearing aids don’t really work

A hearing aid is just that, an aid to help improve hearing when it is impaired. Realistic expectations play a big role in the success of a hearing aid fitting. Depending on the shape and degree of hearing loss, and how long the hearing loss has been present, different individuals perceive different amounts of improvement when they are first fit with hearing instruments. It takes the brain some time to adjust to hearing the sounds that it was missing out on when the hearing loss was untreated. Most people adjust nicely and perceive a good amount of benefit from the hearing instruments. It is also important to remember that the hearing instruments should be worn at all times when awake (and not swimming or showering), not just when the wearer is in a difficult listening environment.

  • Wearing a hearing aid means I’m old and I am not ready for that

It is a normal reaction to feel that wearing a hearing aid makes you seem old or helpless and I am here to tell you different. Clients of all ages experience hearing loss, and addressing it makes you empowered and capable, not helpless and old. The technology available today is so high tech that you will be wanting to show your family and friends all of the cool things your instruments can do rather than hide them for fear of being judged. Don’t miss out on life or sit silently and disconnected, take matters into your own hands, and give yourself the quality of life you deserve!