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Hearing aids: Check out these fun facts!

17 December 2020

Hearing aids are an evolving technology. Your options are plentiful, features are plentiful, and there’s a hearing aid for every budget small and large. If you’ve recently entered the market for a hearing aid, check out these facts to take your knowledge and awareness to the next level. 

Let’s talk about elephants!

Did you know that elephants have one of the strongest memories of any species on earth? Like these fantastic creatures, some hearing aids are capable of memorizing settings for different locations. For example, say you have a favorite restaurant. There’s a good chance this restaurant is going to be one of the noisier places you visit in your daily or weekly routine. Having a hearing aid with a strong memory is definitely a plus!

Hearing aids can treat loneliness!

Studies find that loneliness is linked to hearing loss in many cases. Studies have also found that when these individuals take action towards treating their hearing loss, loneliness retreats. 

Hearing aids are durable!

Modern-day hearing aids are more reliable and durable than ever before. In fact, some hearing aids are water-resistant. You no longer have to fear going on those hikes and other outdoor adventures!

Improved quality of life!

8 out of 10 users report that their hearing aid has improved their quality of life while 3 out of 4 have said that their hearing aid has made them more confident in social situations.

Gotta love technology! 

Some hearing aids allow you to stream audio from your tv, phone, or stereo directly to your device. It’s like getting your own secret pair of headphones! 😉

Track your health from your ears!

Many hearing devices will track your overall health like a smartwatch! Artificial intelligence has made its way into the hearing aid industry and you can reap the benefits!

Shoe me the money!

Studies have found that treatment of hearing loss with a hearing aid has an association with earning power!

It’s important to make informed decisions when treating your hearing loss. Make a list of the features that are most important to you and make sure you have a realistic budget set for a device with your favorite features. Always consult your doctor if you believe you’re experiencing hearing loss. If you’re in the market for a new hearing aid, check out our other blogs and schedule an at-home appointment with our team today.