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We think it’s important to be fully transparent with our customers so that you know exactly what you need and how we can best provide for you.

I have mild hearing loss, do I need hearing aids as soon as possible or can I wait?

If you’re experiencing hearing loss, it’s important to start wearing a hearing aid as soon as possible. Hearing and understanding what you hear are two different things. We want you to be able to understand what you hear. This happens by wearing hearings aids as early as possible.

Do I need one or two hearing aids?

Understanding what you hear in a group of people is only possible with balanced hearing. When we do your hearing test at The Hearing Lab, we will determine if you need one or two hearing aids.

Do I need my hearing aids the entire day?

To get the best results from your hearing aid, it is important to wear them the entire day. From the time you wake up until you go to bed.

When I am home alone do I need to wear my hearing aids?

Yes. You should wear your hearing aids the entire day, even in quiet environments. If you are comfortable wearing them when it’s quiet, it is much easier when things get noisy.

Is there a big difference between hearing aids?

There is a huge variety in hearing aids. Especially the adaptability of the hearing aid in noisy surroundings. The faster and smarter the hearing aid, the better you will hear and more you will be able to understand. At Écoutez, we offer only the hearing aids that meet our high standard of function and form.

Is it possible to listen to music with my hearing aids?

Does Willie Nelson play the guitar? Of course you can listen to music! Using your hearing aid to listen to music will provide a superior sound quality.

Are hearing aids outdated? Can I get surgery instead?

Hearing aids are definitely not outdated. Like most technology, hearing aids are becoming more powerful and more efficient. Also, with many types of hearing loss it is not possible to get a surgery. This is why hearing aids offer the best solution.

Are hearing aids modern, fashionable, and innovative?

We offer only the most stylish and innovative hearing aids at Écoutez. Hearing technology continues to evolve. Today, there is so much possibility with your hearing aids. Inside The Hearing Lab, we’ll show you the simple steps to connect to your phone, television, music, and more.

Can a hearing aid be invisible?

Hearing aids have become quite discrete. Your family may notice your improved hearing before they notice your hearing aids.

Can I adjust my hearing aids?

It is possible for you to adjust your hearing aids using your smartphone. But, these days it isn’t necessary. Hearing aids are now so advanced that they adjust themselves!