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What are the best hearing aids?

11 January 2023

What hearing aids are right for me?

Congratulations! Identifying hearing loss is the first step to take on your journey to better hearing. Now that you know you may need hearing aids, how do you go about choosing the right ones for you? We’re “hear” to help. 

What is your listening lifestyle?

Hearing aids are not one-size-fits-all. Your goals, your lifestyle and the type of hearing loss you have will determine what hearing aids are right for you. For example, there are brands of hearing aids specifically designed for someone who has tinnitus, or ringing in the ears. There are devices for those with severe hearing loss and for those who want the ability to customize programs into their hearing aids. Yes, you can do that!

Here are some things to consider regarding your lifestyle:  

  • Do you regularly enjoy swimming or spend a lot of time near water? 
  • Do you require a device that detects falls and can be monitored from a care-givers phone?
  • Do you stay away from large crowds and noisy areas?
  • Do you attend weekly meetings and get togethers with friends frequently?

Believe it or not, there are devices to fit your unique lifestyle no matter what it may be! Another aspect to consider is the amount of technology contained inside the hearing aid. Most modern hearing aids have some capacity of artificial intelligence inside the device for a number of reasons including to help you hear better in difficult listening environments: say a noisy restaurant. So, your listening lifestyle can influence which devices would be a best fit for you and how much technology your devices would need. 

 The fit of your devices

Lastly, the most important part of your hearing aid is how it fits. This is why seeing a professionally trained specialist, an audiologist, who is qualified to properly fit devices is vital to your hearing journey. Even the most highly rated devices will not sound clear if they are not properly fitted and maintained. Think: you wouldn’t just buy any size pants and expect them to fit! An audiologist can test if your hearing aid is properly programmed with a tool called Real Ear Measure, or REM. This procedure involves putting a very small microphone down the ear canal close to the eardrum. From there, the doctor will play some noise for the microphone. There are different types of noises depending on multiple factors including your type of hearing loss. This will allow the doctor to see exactly how much volume the hearing aid is providing based on the size and shape of your ear. See how personalized a hearing aid fitting is? If you think about it, a noise will sound different in a tiny closet versus in an auditorium. So, this test allows us to customize the hearing aid for your specific ear versus leaving the device on the standard settings. 

We hope you can see just how personal choosing a hearing aid is. If you need assistance getting fitted for your specific needs, feel free to make an appointment or call our office and we would be happy to help you take your first step to better hearing!

Ready for a trial?

At Ecoutez Hearing Aid Boutique in Southlake Texas we offer a try before you buy program. You read that right, trial the best hearing aids from top brands from the comfort of your home before you commit to a purchase. Use the link below to schedule your hearing aid trial appointment or click HERE to learn more about our services.

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