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10 Signs You’re Experiencing Hearing Loss

10 July 2020
 “Connecting you to the sounds of life.”

We’re excited to open our first store soon in the USA in Southlake, Texas. We can’t wait to meet you! Until then, please consider these 10 signs you’re experiencing hearing loss.

1. Painful Conversations

Do many of your conversation-filled days end with a headache? What about that feeling of fatigue after a busy group meeting or family gathering? When you are forced to strain to keep up with conversations, it leads to exhaustion, fatigue, and headaches. This is an early sign of hearing loss.  

2. You Lean A Lot

It is common for people who are experiencing hearing loss in one ear to shift their head to their favored ear. If you find yourself favoring one ear over the other, this is an indicator of hearing loss in your other ear. This happens a lot in conversations and when using your cell phone.

3. Volume Control

If you’ve had people in your life repeatedly tell you that you keep the volume way too loud on the TV, this is another sign of hearing loss. Improving your hearing loss with a hearing aid can make watching movies and listening to music much more pleasurable.

4. Say What?

If you find yourself constantly saying “What?” in conversations, it’s probably because you aren’t hearing what people are saying. Addressing your hearing loss will help you not only hear, but understand the people around you.

5. A Problem With Mumblers

When hearing loss continues, you may find yourself overwhelmed with an abundance of mumblers in your life. When you experience hearing loss, certain sounds are impacted more than others. This means you are hearing part of what people are saying, but not the rest. This is what causes you to believe that people are mumbling. 

6. The Blockage Effect

Hearing loss can also make you feel like your ears are clogged or blocked up. Think back and remember a time when you had water or a Q-tip stuck in your ear. Is this feeling persisting? If you see a doctor and there’s nothing in there, hearing loss may very well be the reason.  

7. Communication Breakdowns

Communication is an essential element in any successful relationship. But what happens when you can’t hear what the other person is saying? A lot of times, we find husbands and wives will address their partner’s hearing loss even before the person experiencing the impairment. Hearing loss contributes to fighting, bickering, and awkward silence.

Senior man and woman arguing in apartment

8. Loneliness

Does your inability to hear cause you to skip out on social situations? You are not alone. This is a common sign of many people who have hearing loss. Everyone needs a break from time to time, but if you’re not getting out and not feeling active, it’s time to get a hearing test.

9. Keep it Down!

Just as some people with hearing loss require the volume to be very high, others will become very irritated by loud noises or sudden increases in volume. Does this happen to you?

10. Women & Children

Losing the ability to hear high-pitched noises is a common early sign of hearing loss. Do you have trouble understanding children or women?

If you are experiencing any of these signs, it’s a good idea to visit our store for a free hearing test. We’ll use our modern technology to show you exactly how you hear the world and help you identify a solution to improve your hearing.

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