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After 20 Years, I Can Participate In Conversations Again!

13 July 2020

Rob van Dorresteijn is an Écoutez customer. He had had doubts about his hearing for over 20 years. He has been wearing a hearing aid for about a year.

“I can fully participate in conversations again,” he says. “I often felt I was missing comments, especially in a larger group. My wife also made comments about it regularly. When I had my hearing tested I found that I missed a significant part of the high tones. Yet, I continued to walk around with my hearing loss for a long time. Too long.”

“I think I was not mentally ready. But in the meantime I couldn’t follow meetings at work and I got confused with speech. This was very annoying.”

“When a friend pointed out the excellent service and the huge range of hearing aids at Écoutez, I took the plunge. After a trial period, I made a final choice in close consultation with hearing care professional Lisette Kolenbrander. A hearing aid must be properly adjusted. I did not know that. Écoutez took plenty of time for that and after each appointment my hearing was better again.”

“Écoutez has ensured that I can fully participate in conversations again. I am satisfied with what I can hear again. And it turns out, despite my bald head, that a hearing aid is much less noticeable than I thought!”

Rob now has a great sense of hearing to match his great sense of humor! We are always so happy when a customer is satisfied with their hearing solution. Rob waited for over 20 years. That is something that happens far too often. If you have doubts about your hearing, please come in for a free hearing test and we’ll show you exactly how you hear the world and what is causing you difficulties.

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