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5 People Who Love Ecoutez Hearing Solutions (And Why)

10 July 2020

1. The Active Retiree

John, 65

John has recently retired and spends as much time as he can with his family or on his boat. He first started noticing his hearing loss when his wife, Leigh, started to complain because he was turning the volume up way too loud on the TV. Still, John put getting a hearing test off for a while, because he figured it was no big deal. Then, John’s grandson hooked his finger while they were fishing and John didn’t hear him asking for help. That was the kicker.

John visited The Hearing Lab and we were able to sit with him and Leigh and run a comprehensive hearing test. It turns out John was experiencing hearing loss. We were able to match him with the perfect hearing aid for his needs.

2. The Public Speaker

Shae, 58

Shae is a motivational speaker who spends a lot of time in front of big groups of people. When she’s giving talks, she often interacts a lot with her audience. This means it’s important to hear them, and understand what they’re saying, the first time they speak.

Shae first noticed her hearing loss when she had to keep asking “Excuse me, could you say that again?” and “Would you mind repeating that?” during speaking engagements.

Shae stopped by our store and we ran a test. It turns out that Shae suffers from sensorineural hearing loss due to damage to her inner ear. After 15 years of public speaking, which often included loud music, waves of acoustic applause, and straining to listen to people, her hearing began to suffer.

With the right hearing aid and fitting, we were able to improve Shae’s hearing and get her back out there doing what she loves best. On top of that, her hearing aids sync up to the technology she uses for presentations, so she never misses a cue or a question.

3. The Happy Grandparent

Eleanor, 74

Eleanor feels like she was put on Earth to do one thing: love her family with all of her heart. She spends a lot of time with her three daughters, Cora, Julie, and Laurel, and their husbands, sons, and daughters. Recently, her grandchildren have been complaining to their parents that Grandma Eleanor doesn’t listen to them when they talk to her. 

When Julie told Eleanor this, she was devastated. She’s spent her life worshipping every word these kids have ever told her. Laurel drove her down to the store and within an hour we were able to show her exactly what was happening with her hearing. Eleanor had mixed hearing loss occurring in her inner and middle ear.

With the finest hearing aids in the world, we were able to match her perfectly with a hearing solution that has greatly improved her hearing. She’s now happy to report she can hear her grandkids beg for more cookies any day of the week.

4. The Musician

Jan, 55

Robin is an accomplished violinist in the local symphony orchestra. Musicians are 4 times as likely to experience noise-induced hearing loss. Robin, unfortunately, is no exception. She started noticing during practice that she couldn’t hear some of the higher pitch instruments. This led to some intense tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and headaches.

At the suggestion of a friend, Robin stopped by and we helped her in two ways. First, we set her up with hearing aids. Then, we also gave her all of the materials about hearing protection so that she could inform other members of her symphony how to best protect their ears from hearing loss.

Robin is now able to nail her solos without a moment of hesitation. 

5. The Business Person

Curtis, 63

Curtis is in his early 60s and feels like he’s mostly at the top of his game at the office, where he runs a small tech firm. The only problem is that he’s beginning to miss every other word from his female co-workers. Also, he’s beginning to hear mumbling from some other coworkers.

Curtis came to visit The Hearing Lab at our store and we let him know this is very common in the early stages of hearing loss. Curtis was concerned that wearing a hearing aid might lessen the image of his virility and strength at the office. But after seeing our discreet hearing aid options, and hearing their awesome power, that concern was gone alone with the murmurs!

Sound familiar?

Do any of these customers or symptoms sound familiar? We are honored to be here for your hearing loss needs. Our store is a stylish, comfortable alternative to the clinical hearing aid providers you’re used to. Make an appointment to come in for a free hearing test or just stop in next time you’re at Southlake Town Square.

We can’t wait to meet you.

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